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10 Tips You Need To Know As a New Cat Owner


woman holding a cute persian kitty


There are certain things that any new cat owner should know prior to taking a new cat home. Pet cats are great companions. They’re appealing and keep the nagging mice away.

However, owning a purring, soft, and cute companion is not something easy. Consider these 10 tips before getting yourself one.


Tip #1

What if you’ve just adopted a cat and circumstances change? What if your work is demanding and you still expect to be greeted by a friendly face after a whole day away from home?

Adopting a pet buddy for your cat would be a great solution to ensure your cat has companion while you are away.


Tip #2

Get your cat top-quality litter and litter box. Having an enclosed box will enhance the privacy and comfort of your cat. Also, clumping litter tends to be easier to handle and maintain.

Always keep the litter box clean to ensure your nose and your cat find it comfortable to have the box around. Also, ensure to invest in age-appropriate and well-balanced cat food.

Consult your local vet or pet store for professional advice on the best food for your cat.


Tip #3

You should consider whether you suffer from any allergies. In case you suffer from allergic reactions, then you should get tested for any allergic reaction to fur before adopting a cat.

In some cases, allergic pet owners may adapt over time to their cat pet cat but remain allergic to unfamiliar cats.

Your best bet would be choosing a cat that has low allergens. You can consult the animal shelter staff, vet, or books for suggestions.


Tip #4

Cats are naturally independent. They’re not so good at caring for themselves. Before adopting one, ensure your lifestyle will allow for some quality time with your pet cat.

Your work schedule and your availability at home will be important when choosing a cat. If you’re extremely busy, you’ll find it quite difficult to find time to care for a feline that requires lots of attention and grooming, especially when dealing with very active and intelligent cats.

Luckily, you can still find a cat that can fit a busy working schedule. Just do thorough research when searching for a new cat.


Tip #5

Cats love playing. Empty boxes, feathers, strings, and toy mice are some of the most ideal play items for cats. Their play items don’t have to be expensive.

You can even make play items at home. Just ensure your cat has enough toys to keep it happy, mentally occupied, and active.

woman playing with cute cat near window

Tip #6

Before taking your new cat home, you’ll need to have it checked and immunized by your local vet. Also, schedule it for neutering once its age allows.

Doing so will ensure your cat is happy and healthy. If you fail to do so, you’ll end up with a miserable cat that may spray your furniture and do other terrible things.


Tip #7

Use catnip and other dried, frozen cat treats. Such treats are ideal for training and bribing a cat.


Tip #8

If you wouldn’t want your sofas to get shredded or have your expensive, branded bag ruined, then you should get a good scratching post for your cat.


Tip #9

If you’re getting a kitten, then ensure it starts grooming early enough.

By doing so, the kitten will be ready for trimming claws, bathing, and brushing rather than end up dreading to groom.


Tip #10

Get your cat a pet insurance cover. While nothing bad may happen to your cat, it’s better to take precautions now than regret later just in case of anything.

With these tips in mind, you’ll surely keep your new pet cat happy and healthy. You’ll also feel happy and satisfied by having a great companion.

Also, a cat can live for about 20 years. Thus, take good care of it to keep it as your great companion for many years.



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