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Ten Herbs Than Can Improve the Health of Your Cat


There are some good herbs that can treat common ailments in cats. If you have a home garden, large balcony space, or even sunny window sills, then it would be possible to grow herbs at home.


cat with catnip

Herbs are delicious. They’re easily grown and some of them work as cat remedies. Besides being adored by cats, herbs are also good for the health of cats, and also yours.

They also work as natural treatments for certain cat ailments. Growing herbs in a home garden would also help in conserving the environment.

Even if you’re not into conserving the environment, planting herbs would be worth it. You can even grow some herbs for your green food.

When planting herbs, remember that your cat may be unique from others. Thus, discuss with your local veterinarian on the best herbs for your cat.

Here are some of the best herbs for improving the health of your cat.

Cat Thyme

Cat thyme is believed to be the best herb for cats and yourself too, especially if your pet cat won’t react to it. However, growing cat thyme would also depend on whether you can handle its strong odor.

The herb is beneficial in that it has soothing effects and enhances contentment. Everyone loves having a content pet cat.

Thus, you can try cat thyme to soothe your cat. However, this herb tends to grow quite slowly, thus you would want to grow just a few of them.



Catnip is known as one of the best herbs for cats. It’s loved by felines across the globe for it keeps them extremely happy. The herb can be viewed as a cocktail for pet cats. It relieves nervousness and stress.

Also, if you happen to notice that your beloved cat is ever scratching itself, then it might be feeling itchy on its skin. Tea bathing it with catnip would be a great natural way of soothing its skin.


Echinacea, Calendula, and Chamomile 

Although a combination of these herbs may not be enough, they still have several medicinal properties. These herbs are known to alleviate some skin issues like itching.

You can consult with your vet about the best combination and the kinds of conditions it can treat. The vet should also advise you on the best form of the combination.

Most veterinarians who appreciate herbs usually prepare Echinacea, calendula, and chamomile as tinctures.



Goldenseal is another useful herb for cats. It’s used as a disinfectant on cuts and other types of wounds.

It’s also used in combination with saline to assist in shrinking swollen eyes as a result of allergies and infections.



Valerian is a pungent herb. It’s famous for enhancing relaxation and sleep among human beings. However, it does the opposite for cats. Valerian stimulates cats.

It’s especially ideal for stimulating fat, lazy cats to make them active in doing exercises. Moreover, cats like eating this herb, thereby making it perfect for the health of your feline friend.


Dandelion Root and Cat’s Claw

These two herbs are ideal for cats and human beings. The tincture that comes from these herbs can assist in reducing itching eyes, especially in allergic cats.

It has natural and proven cortisone content properties. A salad made of dandelion leaves can be extremely great for the health of your kitty.


Licorice Root

Besides tasting good for cats, this herb is also ideal for humans. The herb works as a cortisone for soothing kitties with itchy eyes as a result of allergies.

It also treats digestive and endocrine issues. Endocrine glands affect mood, growth, and metabolism. Licorice root is also ideal for treating respiratory issues such as colds by soothing the mucous membranes.

The herb is also ideal for cleansing blood. It also has anti-inflammatory compounds, making it ideal for managing arthritis in cats.

While these herbs are ideal for cats, remember to talk with your vet before administering them. You can as well seek advice from a holistic pet center for more advice.

In conclusion, your kitty should enjoy the health benefits that come with herbs, but under the supervision of a professional vet.



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