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Puppy in Terrible Pain Rescued


The puppy was squealing in pain because of his multiple injuries and looked almost starved to death. He was scared and was hiding when Animal Aid Unlimited was informed and came to the location to rescue the dog and provide him aid.


pup injured infected with mange_1

The team was very patient and slowly approached the little one; they give him biscuits, which he ate, but the restlessness in his eyes was still visible.

Once the puppy calmed down a little, the team picked him up very carefully, wrapped him up in a blanket and took him to the shelter to provide him with necessary treatment.

pup injured infected with mange 2_1

Upon inspection, it was found that the little guy had several injuries, including very severe mange (a highly contagious skin disease) and an injured leg.

The puppy was obvious pain, and the cause of this was a grave injury on his hip. The team treated him for pain and cleaned the weak looking puppy with utmost care and love. They cleaned and put medicine on his wounds for pain.

pup injured infected with mange_3

During this entire process, the puppy seemed extremely distressed and was frantically looking around everywhere; the cause of this stress could likely be arising from previous abuse the puppy may have suffered.

The Animal Aid Unlimited remains very patient with the little guy and cleans him up very carefully, making sure that they don’t scare the puppy.

pup injured infected with mange_4

The puppy never seems to be relaxed, but they show how after six weeks of care, proper feeding and unconditional love has turned the little puppy into a healthy and a happy one.

pup injured infected with mange_5

After a month and a half of proper care, feeding & love, the puppy shows remarkable recovery and is seen jumping around happily and playing with everyone around him.

He seems to be energetic, and there is a dramatic change in his appearance from the time they rescued him. This is the result of proper care and medical attention provided to the puppy. The Animal Aid Unlimited team presented him with a second chance in life!




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