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Poor Puppy Rescued After Being Covered in Tar – It Ends Well :)


A very young puppy in India, about 3 months old, was wandering on it’s own in the streets nearby. Tar was laid out to repair the roads of that street.


The puppy somehow had the unfortunate bad luck of walking onto the tar-laden road and got covered in a thick-layer of tar.

This seems to happen usually when stray puppies unknowingly go around wandering in areas areas where road construction is going on.

pup in tar 1

pup in tar 2

Tar is an extremely sticky thick liquidy substance, and hardens as it cools down.

pup in tar 3

She was completely trapped and was not able to standup or move her legs. A young boy passing by saw the little pup in distress, somehow took her out of the tar and then contacted Animal Aid Unlimited to rescue her.

pup in tar 4

The Animal Aid Unlimited team started working on removing the tar using vegetable oil. It took multiple oil baths to get rid of all the tar!

pup in tar 5

pup in tar 6

Finally, the pup was rid of the tar, and started recovering from the trauma of the incident! You can see him show his gratitude to the people that rescued him!

pup in tar 7

pup in tar 8


Watch the video below:

Donate to help save street animals: www.animalaidunlimited.com/donate



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