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How Many Teeth Does A Cat Have? Here’s 10 Interesting Facts!


Fact #6- A cat can get infected with periodontal disease


If you don’t brush the teeth of your cat on a regular basis and fail to take it for professional dental cleaning annually or bi-annually, then it may get infected with periodontal disease. The disease is also known as gum disease. It causes tooth loss if left untreated. It may also affect the overall health of your cat.

Fact #7- So what’s the number of teeth in cats?

An adult cat usually has 30 teeth in total. These teeth are all permanent.

Fact #8- What causes tooth loss in cats?

A cat can break its teeth when chewing on hard items or as a result of trauma after falling and getting hit by a hard object. In some instances, a vet dentist may save the tooth, something that can be done through a special root canal procedure.

Fact #9- Tooth extraction may be recommended by your vet in case of dental infection

Bacterial infection leads to the formation of tartar and plaque around the tooth and gum line area. The infection can lead to tooth loss if not treated early enough. Basically, the bacterial infection sits within the gum and tooth line, thereby damaging the structure supporting the tooth. The result would be damage to the bone and root structure of the tooth, making it come off.

Fact #10- What if the cat loses several teeth? What would happen?

Most cats adapt easily to multiple tooth loss. Some animals lose all their teeth, in worst cases, and still feed well on dry food. Nevertheless, the goal should be taking action early enough to ensure any dental condition is treated early enough. By so doing, the cat may retain more teeth than losing them all.



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