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How Many Teeth Does A Cat Have? Here’s 10 Interesting Facts!


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Have you ever wondered about the number of teeth that your cat has? Does it have some baby teeth?

And what would happen in case a cat loses its teeth, maybe due to a dental condition?

Most cat owners wonder about the number of teeth that their cats have. They wonder whether cats loose baby teeth just like children.

They also wonder whether cats eventually get adult teeth like human beings.

If you’ve all these questions in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 facts about teeth in cats to help you get the right answers.

Fact #1- Kittens are usually born without a single tooth

Kits don’t require teeth during their first few days in life as they’re still nursing throughout.

Fact #2- Teeth begin growing when a kitten is 2 to 6 weeks old

The first set of teeth that a kitten develops are known as milk, baby, or deciduous teeth. These teeth grow from below the gum. The first teeth that appear are the incisors. These are tiny teeth located at the bottom front and top front jaw. These teeth are followed by canines, also known as fangs to many people, and finally the premolars. Premolars grow behind the fangs. Cats don’t have deciduous molars.

Fact #3- Sometimes, baby teeth in cats don’t fall out as they should

The condition where baby teeth in a cat fail to fall out is known as retained baby teeth. When deciduous/baby teeth are retained, there can be damage affecting the normal growth of permanent teeth. In such cases, the vet would have to pull them. Pulling them is best done when the cat is being spayed or neutered to ensure that it’s only anesthetized once rather than twice.

Fact #4- Permanent teeth in kittens develop between 4 to 6 months old

Incisors teeth develop first, then canine teeth, followed by premolars, and finally the molars.

Fact #5- What’s the total number of teeth in kittens?

A kitten usually has 26 milk teeth. These teeth are temporary. They start falling out when the kitten is approximately 11 weeks old. During this period, you might notice tiny teeth laying on the carpet or in the food bowl of your kitten. Kittens also swallow the falling out teeth as they eat such that you might not see them at all. As the teeth come off, you might see some minor bleeding from your kitty’s mouth. This is normal and shouldn’t be a major cause of alarm.



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