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How Does A Cat Show Affection And Care To Their Owner?


Pet cats have several ways of showing affection to people. There’s an old misconception about domesticated cats, whereby people assume that a cat never shows love and care to its owner, whereas dogs demonstrate love and care in many ways.


However, the fact is that cats do show a lot of affection to people. Read on through this article to learn how a cat shows affection and how to show them love in return.

While cats are extremely subtle animals, this doesn’t mean that they never show love to people. There are many ways through which they show affection.

Here are the different ways through which cats show love and care.

Grooming You

cat kitten licking woman's hand

When cats groom you, it’s a sign that they’re feeling comfortable being around you.

A cat licks its owner to show affection. They do that by mingling their natural scent with that of their owner through licking.

Such behavior assists a cat in showing trust, feeling relaxed, and building a scent around their environment to recognize their owners.



Purring is a common and obvious way of a cat expressing their affection. Cats usually have a small motor within their throat.

The motor vibrates whenever they enjoy something or when they feel relaxed, especially when you stroke them under their chin or behind the ears.

However, purring may also be a way of expressing pain. Thus, it’s important to know the difference.

You’ll surely know that your pet cat is expressive love when it’s purring upon stroking or petting it.

However, if it’s purring without any stroking and it appears like it’s in some kind of pain, then visit the vet soonest possible.


Showing its Belly

cat lying on it's back

If a child throws themselves on the floor and starts rolling, it’s likely to be a tantrum. However, when a cat does the same, it’s simply an expression of happiness upon seeing you.

It’s also a technique of telling you that it trusts you since it’s feeling comfortable and safe around you. Such a compliment is extremely warming.


Blinking at The Owner Slowly

If you have ever noticed that your cat is blinking slowly at you, then it’s an indicator that it enjoys your warm company and trusts you. Such blinking is known as cat kisses.

Thus, next time you notice that your cat is giving you some cat kisses, reciprocate the same way by blinking at it to show some trust.


Cheek Rub

A cat greets those it trusts by rubbing its cheeks on their body. A cat also does so to greet a person they feel completely safe with and as an invitation for socializing.

Cats usually have some scent glands located on the cheeks. These scent glands produce pheromones.


Hanging Around their Owner

cat sleeps on top of owner

When a cat hangs around you, it’s an indicator they like you. For instance, your cat may sleep by your side or rest their feet on you.

When a cat likes you, they’ll probably look for opportunities to nap on your laps.


Head Bunting

A cat head bunts their head against that of their owner as a means of expressing trust and affection.

It’s also a way of a cat marking their owner as their territory. It means you now belong to them. They simply transfer their scent to you.

Now that you know how your cat shows affection, then it’s also important to know how to show them affection.


How to Show Affection to Your Cat

Here are some ways for showing affection to your cat:

Grooming Your Cat

cat grooming

While a cat spends approximately 30 percent of its life grooming itself, it’s obvious that grooming your cat would make them feel appreciated.

Assist them in grooming by brushing their lovely fur to make them feel loved and care for.


Have Time for Your Cat

Spending some time with your cat will make them feel loved. A cat is a predator by nature. Cats like hunting. As such, you can let your pet cat chase around a toy to keep them hunting.

Spending such quality time with them will strengthen the bond you have with them. Playing with them will also keep them healthy and happy.


Blinking at Your Cat Slowly

Cats express love when they blink at you slowly. You can show them some love too by blinking at them slowly.

In conclusion, it’s important to know that cats love their beloved owners and express their love in different ways.

Similarly, it’s also important to show cats some love in appreciation.



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