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3 Puppies Stuck in Solid Tar Rescued


The three puppies were crying so loudly that they could be heard from afar.


Animal Aid Unlimited team reached the site at once and to their horror, they discovered 3 newborn puppies stuck deep in a pool of tar and fighting for their life.

They tried to pick them up very gently by hand, but it was of no use. They tried this method several times but realized that it would be near impossible to get these little puppies out of the very hardened tar by hand.
3 pups stuck in tar _1

They then proceeded to dig up the huge slab of tar which has sucked up 3 little puppies in it. They took the slab out with they could find on the spot and then separated the 3 puppies who were still stuck.

3 pups stuck in tar 2

The puppies that were stuck for no one knows how long were super dehydrated and drank the water given to them by the team very eagerly.


3 pups stuck in tar 3


However, they were still covered with tar which was so stiff, it could not be taken off manually and had to be done by scissors.

These puppies were given utmost attention and care over the next few days as the team was not sure if all of them would be able to make it.


3 pups stuck in tar 4


3 pups stuck in tar 5

It took a total of 3 days to get the tar off of the little puppies by the use of oil which softens the tar and massage given by the team every day, multiple times a day.
3 pups stuck in tar 6

Finally, the puppy showed inner strength and recovered physically; the Animal Aid Unlimited team was still unsure if the puppies would be able to get through the psychological trauma and so, after days and days of searching, they found the puppies’ mother and took her in as well!

3 pups stuck in tar 7

3 pups stuck in tar 9

The mother is seen feeding her babies and the little puppy siblings are also engaging in friendly fights and are well on their road to recovery!

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